Therapy Session for 8 Dollars!

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Feeling overwhelmed or anxious can sometimes have to do with your surroundings.

Cluttered or disorganized office space can paralyze many of us and halt our productivity.

If you need a tidy work place and or will ‘procrastinate’ by cleaning out drawers and organizing file folders on your computer, than you might want to consider something we call ‘deep and cheap’ therapy: SHREDDING!

For just 8 dollars a banker box you can have your old tax files, love letters, divorce papers and any other sensitive paper memories destroyed quickly and securely! And if you want proof of destruction we can also provide you a VID, GIF and or an official Certificate of Destruction…..

Visit the “SERVICES” section of our website for information. Not sure if it’s time to shred? Here’s our helpful guide.


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