Participation in YQGgreen Expo

Join Us at the YQGgreen Expo on October 14th, 2023

We are proud to be participating in the 1st annual YQGgreen Expo event
which celebrates Waste Reduction Week in Canada, an initiative launched back in 2001
which encourages Canadians to learn more about the circular economy. YQGgreen is a
local group of small business owners, social enterprises and community-based
organizations that work collectively to make a difference in the region by promoting
environmentally and socially sustainable practices. The expo will be held from 9am –
4pm at the WFCU Centre on Saturday October 14th, 2023 and will be free to the public.
There will be over 50 local businesses showcasing their “green” services and products,
expert panel discussions and a community recycle drive-thru and drop-off. We hope to
see you there!

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