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Premium Self-Storage

What To Expect

Not all storage is created equal!

Your stored items include pictures, family heirlooms, important business documents and other valuables that cannot easily be replaced. Demand the best!

Our facility proudly provides:

Fans that allow air to circulate through our uniquely designed premium filter system.

Competition: drill holes in the wall of a unit or a simple vent to the outside, doesn’t cut it!

Our facility is heated, air conditioned and dehumidified allowing your space to be free of the pervasive humidity so common to our region.

Competition: a space heater or air conditioning unit placed in a storage unit doesn’t cut it!

A security system designed with layers of protection including cameras and
high security, stainless steel, locks.

Competition: a simple combo lock doesn’t cut it!

Our system is alarmed 24/7 while remaining accessible to you. An indoor storage bay allows you to unload your precious possessions in temperature-controlled comfort and away from prying eyes.

Competition: pulling up to a garage in the middle of nowhere doesn’t cut it!

How Much Space Do I Need?

The best way to tell if a unit or space will work for you is to schedule a viewing.




A Unit

10 x 20

4+ bedrooms or 120 boxes

$200.00 +HST

B Unit

10 x 10

One small apartment or 50 boxes.

$140.00 +HST

FOB Deposit


Returned at the end of tenancy.




Required for tenancy and yours to keep.


Tips for Storing Your Valuable Goods

  • Plan ahead for the supplies you’ll need. Paper, bubble wrap, sheets, boxes, etc…

  • Fill containers and boxes to the top – boxes which are stacked and aren’t full may buckle under the weight of the boxes above damaging your precious memories. Our office has boxes (1.2 cu ft) with a specially designed steel band for only $3.50 + HST.
  • Refrigerators and Freezers should be stored with their doors slightly ajar – and remember, there’s lots of valuable packing space in those large appliances.

  • Wipe bicycles and other metal items with a rag slightly damp with motor oil to keep them from rusting.
  • Store bedding and drapes on hangers – if you can’t find hanging boxes, store them loosely folded in drawers or in your stored appliance shelves.

  • Label your boxes – unpacking will be much easier if you know where the goods go, in their next location.

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Top notch service today! So reasonably priced and no wait time! I love that your business cards are "plantable"...what an innovative idea! I'll be back!
    Denise Hunt-Robinson
  • First Stop Services provides a valuable service and makes it easy to discard your old documents safely.
    Karen, from Silver Stitch(Business Customer), Windsor
  • First Stop's staff is always helpful and professional. When I call for document shredding they work with my schedule and are always there when they say they will be.
    Curtis(Residential Customer), Amherstburg