Shredding Secrets

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Although we’ve been operating for 11 years, how our family-run business continues to ensure the safety and organization of the people of Windsor and Essex County still creates a ripple of chatter in our community.
So as a thank you to our current clients, and as a service to those thinking of joining us in the fight against identity theft, fraud and clutter –  here are a few of our secrets.

     First Stop Services:

  • is a plant-based shredding company!
  • This means – items we collect are brought back to our secure facility where they are shred and recycled. This allows us to track shred items through an unbreakable chain of custody and view when and where client’s documents are destroyed.


  • uses shred containers with unique barcode labels that are scanned during every pickup!
  • This means – data scanned onsite at your business or home is then uploaded to our tracking software where we can see exactly when and where items were picked up and when they arrived back to our facility.


  • mixes your documents with other client documents during the shredding process!
  • This co-mingling helps increase the overall “mix” of documents greatly reducing the chance of ever being able to re-attach shred pieces.


  • shred is brought to a recycler where it’s baled, shred down to an even finer powder, bleached and remade into paper products.
  • This means – we are GREEN –  by coming full circle in the recycling process.


Common Frequently Asked Questions:

1.      “Do off-site (plant-based) shred facilities operate under the required standards set out by N.A.I.D (National Association of Information Destruction)” Yes, both Off-Site and On-Site shredding practices are certified through N.A.I.D. Both business models meet the required specifications in the industry and help meet the different needs of various clients.

2.      “Isn’t off-site shredding an increased security risk, with more personnel and more time involved in the destruction process?” The only people handling your documents are police screened and cleared employees who work under camera surveillance running 24/7. Our truck is locked at all times while documents are in our vehicle and there is GPS tracking its location during deliveries and pickups. All shredding is complete within 48 hours and a certificate of destruction can be provided upon request.

3.      “Can clients witness the destruction taking place?” Yes. Our facility is open 6 days a week at 350 Erie St E in Windsor). Clients are welcome to follow our truck back and watch their items be shred during a private and secure shredding appointment during our business hours. Don’t have time to come with us? We can provide a video clip of your items being shred.

Have more questions about the way we operate? Feel free to contact our main office with any and all your comments, questions or concerns.

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