How We Shred

how we shred

There is nothing quite like a sense of peace of mind. 


That’s why we work so hard to share our expertise with the Windsor-Essex Community. After all, keeping residents abreast of identity theft schemes and protected from prying eyes is our top priority. Always. 


We want to lift the veil of mystery around shredding and share our process with you. 


From the moment of pick-up or drop-off, here is what happens to your to-be-shred pile: 


Step 1: 

When shredding is picked up, the documents are locked in our secure truck and brought to our warehouse. Meanwhile, drop-offs are immediately secured in the warehouse. 


To maintain the highest level of security, we no longer allow customers to watch their documents being shredded. 


Note: all our employees have their police clearance, which allows them to be in our warehouse. 


Step 2: 

All shredding is completed within 24 hours, except for huge orders, which may take a little longer to complete. 


The paper is dumped onto our industrial shredding machine at a rate of 20 boxes per hour. The sorting of rubber bands, clips, and any other non-compliant items takes place at this time. 


Note: There is no need to remove paperclips and staples. 


Step 3: 

Once through the shredder, the paper is conveyed into a sealed recycling container and processed through another locally owned and operated recycling company, Chatham-Kent Recycling Inc


As a family-owned business, we take pride in partnering with other family-owned and operated businesses. Supporting local businesses is at the heart of our practice. 


Remember, personal information does not belong in a trash or recycling bin. So whether you are at home or work, it’s essential to keep pieces of paper containing names, addresses, SIN numbers, birthdays, and so on private. 


We shred so you don’t have to. 

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