Shred it for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

May is a month for mothers and a lot of children scrambling to find the perfect last-minute Mother’s Day gift. While flowers, chocolates, or trinkets can do the trick, why not give Mom something she needs. (Arguably, though, everyone needs chocolate. We’ll give you that!)

No, we’re not talking about a trip to the spa – though that is great, too. Instead, let’s give Mom something that will help her remain safe and secure and keep her home and/or personal papers organized. We’re talking about the gift of shred!

Help Mom Get Organized

Everyone has that pile of papers somewhere in their house that collects dust. Whether it’s stuffed in a drawer or shoved in a box in the closet, it should be dealt with properly. A common misconception is that we can just toss the paper in the recycling bin after ripping it up a bit. While it’s great to recycle, the basic rip-up just doesn’t cut it.

Why? Have you ever heard the phrase, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? Well, tossing out papers with personal information (e.g., your name and address) is gold to an identity thief. If you really want to help your mom, get rid of those piles of paper by shredding them.

Bonus Tip: Leaving piles of paper with sensitive information lying around the house all willy-nilly is just as dangerous as tossing them to the curb. Be sure to keep them away from prying yes.

What papers should be shredded?

One way to help mom get organized is deciding which papers should be shred. Shredding paper is a safe and secure way to protect personal information. That means anything containing your name, address, banking information, or birth date falls into this category.

Some examples of papers that should be shred: mailing and prescription labels, bills, report cards, expired identification, and the list goes on.

So, what better way to tell your mom you love her than by keeping her private information private? You’re undoubtedly bound to become her favourite by 1) helping her declutter and 2) keeping her safe from prying eyes and identity thieves by taking those papers to First Stop Services.

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