A Date with Shred

A date with shred

Most people think that after their paper has been shredded, there is no further use for it.

However, there are many uses for shred you may not have thought of to keep yourself and the kids occupied during a lockdown.
If you’re someone who shreds at home and are looking for ways to reuse or upcycle* it this February, here are some fun Valentine’s Day-themed ways to put it to good use.


*Note: be sure your shredder has done its job well. Take a moment to ensure your information is indecipherable. 


Send a card full of love.


It can be challenging to get out and buy a Valentine’s Day card right now, so why not recycle and make your own? If you’re up for it, consider making your own paper. When finished, you can use it to create a homemade card for your loved one. It will certainly add a more personal touch to that macaroni art. 


Break some hearts (not literally).


Since the kids (and you) may be missing out on some of the typical Valentine’s Day fun like passing out cards and going out for dinner, why not and make a paper mache heart pinata? Fill it with everyone’s favourite candies or treats and have fun breaking it to pieces. Talk about a heart breaker!


Make a date out of it.


With many of the usual date night options put on hold, 2021 is about mixing it up this Valentine’s Day. Upcycle your paper shred by making paper clay (different from paper mache) for a day of crafts! You can do dozens of activities, such as scrapbooking, paper mache bowls, or using the paper as a canvas. It’s time to get creative!


Spread the love


Consider donating it to your local animal shelter. Many shelters use shred for bedding or litter and would probably happily take your paper shred off your hands. 


For those who do not have a paper shredder at home, you can always have someone else take care of it. Bring in your “to be shred pile” to us, and we will happily receive items to shred in just about every type of container.

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