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The way we work and do business has changed quite a bit over the last year and some odd months.

Honestly, does anyone know what day it is anymore?

That being said, offices aren’t as crowded as they used to be as more and more employees either exclusively work from home or incorporate a hybrid work schedule. It’s great that employers have become so accommodating, but there are risk factors that come into play. Mainly, the increased risk of identity theft and fraud.

Shred that paper!

With more work being done outside of the office, more paper is accumulating at home. Besides the annoyance of the odd paper cut, all that paper needs to be properly disposed of.

To keep your remote team members from simply tossing the paper into the trash, encourage them to keep a “to be shred” pile.

If they exclusively work from home, have them visit the office once a month to drop off their shred. Or, if their remote work has them working in another city, set up an account with a local shredder in their area where they can drop off the paper.

For those who have a hybrid work schedule, ask them to bring their “to be shred” pile to the office where it is then picked up by your shredding supplier.

Safety first!

Remember, identity thieves don’t need much information to create havoc. In order to protect your team and clients/customers, you need to dispose of sensitive information properly.

The type of information identity thieves and fraudsters look for isn’t simply focused on credit card numbers and bank accounts. They look for names, addresses, date of birth, SIN numbers, and the list goes on.

If your team uses any of the above information, and most businesses do, it’s imperative that it’s shredded.

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