School’s Out, Shred’s In: Parent, Student, and Teacher Promo

School’s Out, Shred’s In

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Think about it, paper and paper products account for more than one-third of all Canada’s waste. We can all only imagine how much of that waste contains personal information ripe for identity theft. Break it down further still – how much of that is school related?

Keep in mind – identity thieves know no bounds. It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are, what you look like, or where you come from, everyone is a target.

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What to shred and why:

IMPORTANT: Teachers, students, and parents, take advantage of our Teacher & Student Promo by dropping off your “to be shred” pile until July 28th. (Not applicable for businesses. Drop off only.)

Parents of grade school and high school kids

In 2017, more than 1 million children were the victims of identity theft or fraud and sixty-six per cent of those affected were age 7 or younger. What makes children prime targets in the eyes of identity thieves is their “black slate” – a child provides opportunities for new lines of credit.

What parents should be shredding*:

  • Report cards
  • School and extracurricular applications
  • Invitations
  • School work – yes, even the art work that doesn’t make your memory box
  • Permission slips

Important: ID thieves only need your child’s name and address to get started – both are easy to get if a piece of their work ends up in the recycling box.

Post-secondary students

According to Statista, the majority of post-secondary students are aged 20 to 24 years. These young adults are undoubtedly more concerned with passing their finals, assignment deadlines, finding internships, and employment then they are with the threat of identity theft.

Sure, students don’t typically have much money or credit, but identity theft is all about ease of accessibility to your personal information.

What post-secondary students should be shredding*:

  • Resumés and curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Assignments and notebooks
  • Financial Aid Documents
  • Pre-approved credit cards/forms
  • Bank statements, money orders, checks, etc.


Being the front line of education, teachers are in a position to help limit the likelihood of identity theft! We can only imagine the amount of paper that piles up in their classrooms, on their desks, and in their homes.

What teachers should be shredding*:

  • Old Assignments
  • Cards from students
  • Class lists & seating charts
  • Permission slips

*Be sure that what you are shredding is no longer needed for your records. If you need to keep anything, keep them in a safe and secure place to keep them out of sight from prying eyes.


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