Identity Theft and Fraud Protection

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Remember! Identity thieves are looking for:

  • full names, maiden names and signatures
  • dates of birth
  • Social Insurance Numbers
  • addresses
  • usernames and passwords
  • driver’s license, passport and health card numbers
  • PINs and banking information (account numbers, expiry dates and the last three digits printed on the signature panel)

So that they can:

  • access your bank accounts or open a new one
  • transfer bank balances
  • apply for loans, credit cards and other goods and services
  • make purchases
  • hide their criminal activities
  • obtain passports or receive government benefits

If you know or suspect that you are a victim of identity theft or fraud visit our blog post for information about the next steps you should take.


Video courtesy of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

For more information visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud website.


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