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Meet Sharpie – Your New Best Friend

As we work hard to spread the word about the importance of shredding all paper items that boast personal information – remember, fraudsters only need your name and address to get started – it would be unfair of us not to share other entry points identity thieves use to wreak havoc in our lives.

Enter the shipping box

If you are one of many who order items online, then you have received a cardboard box with a shipping label or your address on it. Problem is we are often so excited to rip open the package to welcome the new purchase into our lives that we forget about the lowly box.

“And I recycle ALL cardboard,” you proudly say.

Great! However, your red bin is not a safe place for any items that don your name or other personal info.

ENTER SHARPIE – If you cannot rip the label off and add the label to your shredding pile, invest in a sharpie and redact away prior to recycling your box.

Bonus idea: you can use that box to bring First Stop Services your shredding. And, you guessed it, we shred cardboard, too!

Enter the pill bottle.

You or your loved one finished your meds. Well done for following the Doctors orders!
But, now what?

Often, one will either quickly toss the little plastic bottle into the trash or, if you recycle, into the blue box.
WAIT! You are giving away confidential information!

CUE SHARPIE – If you cannot rip the entire label off and add it to your “to shred” pile, take out a permanent marker and simply colour away all letters and numbers. Even leaving a prescription name is potential for disaster.

As we continue to provide our Zero Contact Drop-Off Service, we are now available for pick-ups for all our customers.