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Zero Contact Drop-Off

0% Contact, 100% Store or Shred.

Take advantage of our Zero Contact Drop-Off by calling* our office to arrange a scheduled time.

Please have the following information ready:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Home address
  • License plate number
*No call, no drop off!

On the day of your scheduled drop off, our team will identify you by the license plate number you provided.

Be sure your shred is placed in the trunk of your car. Our team will remove your boxes/bags and place it on a skid so you never have to leave your vehicle. Afterwards, we will follow up with your invoice to be paid by phone.

To learn how our shredding services work, click here!

Let’s stay well together!

Now Available for Pick-Ups! 

Our pick-up service is now open to all our customers. If our Zero Contact Drop-Off isn’t an option, please call our office or click below to be added to the list. 

Add me to the list!

Remember, keep your “to-be-shred” pile in a secure place away from prying eyes!



In accordance with Provincial regulations, we will be closed until further notice. If you are an essential service and require one of our services,  please email